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Please call 325-653-1978 to speak with one of our reps. on availability today! Storage is now $35 a month.


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Although we at American Truck and RV try to observe the storage lot on a daily basis, accidents/thefts may occur.

We are not responsible for damaged or stolen property while your unit(s) is in our storage lot.

*Please keep your RV/applicable unit locked, in working order, and your registration and insurance coverage (content & trailer) current!

  • Please leave us a spare set of keys for emergencies and in case we need to move or relocate your unit. If you do not have any keys, sign a waiver indicating there are no keys.
  • Motor homes, vehicles, trailers, etc. must be kept in working order.
  • Please leave 5’ to 6’ of clearance between the rear of your unit and the fence for mowing.
  • Please notify us when you remove your unit from the storage lot. This will help us clean up your space for your return.
  • Please also notify us when you end your storage agreement. Otherwise storage fees will continue to accrue.
  • Since we consign trailers and other units from our sales lot, customers are not allowed to sell any unit from the storage lot. If you would like to consign your unit, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

***Abandoned units are subject to removal @ owner’s expense, which is very costly.***

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Storage payments are required at the first of the month. The majorities of storage customers prefer to pay in person; however, if you would like to be billed, please let us know and a reminder will be mailed to you each month. Of course, credit cards and other arrangements are welcome.

The storage fee is $25.00 per month, for a reserved space. Prorating is not available when you take your unit on a trip. This ensures your space is available when you return. If your trailer is taken out of storage without notification, storage fees will continue to accrue, until we are notified.

The storage lot is open during regular working hours. Hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 6:00pm; Saturday during spring & summer hours of 9:00am to 4:00pm; and Saturday during winter hours of 9:00am to 2:00pm. Access to the storage lot is only available during these hours. We do not give customers storage lot keys.

Other arrangements for storage access can be made.

We will be happy to park your unit outside the fence if you cannot retrieve it before our closing hours. Likewise, if you arrive back in town after closing hours (or on Sunday), leave your unit outside the storage lot, and we will move it back to your storage space. Please call in advance each time this is to be requested.

Other services are available for storage customers.

If you would like us to winterize your unit, pack your wheel bearings or perform a Spring Test on the major systems prior to traveling, please call ahead of time; and we will accomplish the appropriate service and return it to your space.

If you have questions, call 325 653-1978, during regular working hours listed above.

*Please keep your RV/applicable unit locked, in working order, and your registration and insurance coverage (content & trailer) current!

***Abandoned units are subject to removal @ owner’s expense, which is very costly.***






The following holidays are normally observed by American Truck and RV. As a result and as a friendly reminder, the storage lot will be closed on these days:

§ Saturday preceding Memorial Day Weekend

§ Monday of Memorial Day Weekend

§ Independence Day (July 4th)

§ Saturday preceding Labor Day

§ Monday of Labor Day Weekend

§ Thanksgiving Day

§ Christmas Day

§ New Year’s Day

If you need access to or to pickup your trailer during these holidays, please make prior arrangements accordingly.

Thank you for your patronage!

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